Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Pet Crates (cages) come with dividers? No. The only one that doesn’t come with a divider is the 20” Crate (cage).

Are the pet carriers water proof or water resistant? No.

What is the max weight for the pet strollers? Up to 30lbs for the single stroller and up to 60lbs for the double stroller.

Is there an easier way to fold down the stroller? No.

For the Automatic Pet Feeder is there an AC adapter that can be used instead of batteries? No.

Are the clips metal or plastic on the Hub Caps? They are strong durable PVC.

Is the Leather Conditioner safe for any leather? Yes.

Automotive Window sun shade - What's the maximum dimensions for these? 40-44 inches width 20-24 inches height

What is the maximum weight the 50 pair shoe rack can hold? About 50 lbs.

On the Shopping Cart are the wheels made of rubber or plastic? Rubber.

Is the Kid Scooter bar adjustable? No.

Can you replace the wheels for the Kids Scooter? At this time we do not sell replacement parts for the Kids Scooter.

Do the blades on the Pasta Maker come installed in the machine or do you have to put them in? Yes.