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Protect, preserve, rejuvenate, and restore all of your treasured leather goods with the Leather Conditioner from OxGord. An environmentally friendly, non-greasy formula that will make your leather glow and shine for years on end. The leather lotion doesn’t leave behind an oily residue and repels water, rain, and snow. Easily apply the conditioner to old leather items to buff away scratches, scrapes, and burns, or apply it to new leather to help protect it from the elements, sun damage, and fading. Pour a small amount onto a cloth, sponge, or foam brush, then gently wipe the chosen leather in a circular motion and let dry. The lotion is the ideal method to protect leather from natural wear & tear as well as pets. It will repel both water and moisture, which would otherwise permanently damage and stain the leather. It will flawlessly restore detail, and shine to the seats of your car, truck, van, or SUV. Use it on your leather sofa or armchair to restore its prestige and protect from spills, stains, and scuffs. Make old jackets and boots look the same as the day you bought them! Always be on top your game and let your leather shine with the Leather Conditioner from OxGord.


  • RESTORE: The Leather conditioner is specially formulated to rejuvenate your worn out and old leather items such as your car interior, motorcycle seats, upholstery, furniture, purses, bags, boots, gloves, saddles, coats, and more. Apply the conditioner once a month to restore the soft and supple feel of the treated leather to its original and natural form. It’s the perfect way to nourish & restore your leather goods.
  • EXTENDED LIFE: The environmental friendly, non-greasy formula leaves behind no oily residue and will repel water, rain, and snow. Not only does it extend the life of old leather by softening and buffing away contusions, it will also protect new leather from becoming rough and fading.
  • EASY TO USE: All you need to do is apply a thin coat of the leather conditioner to an applicator such as a cloth, sponge, or foam brush. Then wipe the leather in a circular motion and let dry for an hour. Repeat if necessary as some dry or old leather will require two (2) coats. Use the leather lotion once a month to keep your leather items supple and smooth.
  • SMOOTH SHINE: Not only does the leather lotion seep deep into the pores to rejuvenate and protect the leather, but it will also provide the surface with a smooth shine and glow, while buffing away any scratches and scars that accrue over time. It will ultimately leave your leather with an unrivaled polish and shine.


  • One (1) 22 oz. Bottle

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